Appeals court upholds local fracking bans in NY

May 08, 13 Appeals court upholds local fracking bans in NY

New York municipalities can use local zoning laws to ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing to drill for natural gas, a mid-level state appeals court said last week. The town of Skaneateles used a series of zoning laws to prohibit heavy industry last year. More than 50 New York municipalities, such as the town of Skaneateles, have banned gas drilling in the past few years, and more than 100 have enacted moratoriums on drilling activities. The court’s decision involved interpretation of state law that says that regulation of the oil and gas industry rests solely with the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Attorney Thomas West, a lawyer representing Norse Energy Corporation, will ask the state’s top court, the Court of Appeals, for permission to appeal the decision.

While the debate continues on in New York, we at PAOGR think that the maximum recovery of oil and gas in Pennsylvania and other states continues to boost local economy, while keeping  alive the hope of one day eliminating the dependence on foreign oil & gas imports