Drilling heating up in Pennsylvania’s Utica Shale Region

Jan 18, 13 Drilling heating up in Pennsylvania’s Utica Shale Region

Here at PAOGreport, we have been closely monitoring drilling and development in Pennsylvania’s frontier of the “Utica Shale” region. Public records and folks on the ground report that there are up to six companies that are drilling exploratory wells in Pennsylvania’s “Northern Utica Shale Sweetspot”, in the search for natural gas, natural gas liquids and of course, oil. Chevron, Hilcorp Energy, Halcon Energy, Range Resources, Seneca Resources, and Shell Appalachia have all filed permits to begin drilling Utica Shale in Northwest PA. Permits are spread throughout Mercer County, southern Crawford County, northern Lawrence County, and western Venango County. The permits reveal a variety of different drilling directions and depths, however the one consistent is the target formation: the Utica Shale, and more specifically, the “Point Pleasant” extent. The first wells are in the process of being drilled and fracked in early 2013. Hopefully well production results will become known to the general public throughout 2013, at which time landowners and drillers alike will have a better assessment of the true potential of the “Northern Utica Shale Sweetspot”.

-PAOG Report Editors, Jan 18, 2013