Land Use Legal Issues

Being Approached for Seismic Testing or Pipeline Easements?

By Jeremy S. Stragand, Esq. Morascyzk & Polochak Law Offices

Landowners are currently being flooded with solicitations for either seismic testing or pipeline right-of-way easements from a multitude of industry players.  Thankfully, the offices of Morascyzk & Polochak are well-versed in the negotiation and legal advisement regarding these complex agreements on behalf of landowners. Seismic testing is a necessary component of the oil and gas industry, as it helps provide informative data for E&P companies to better make choices with regard to well-site placement and other surface installations.  Although it is less invasive than many of the other surface activities that frequently occur within the industry, it should still be viewed as a complex process rife with potential legal issues affecting the surface owner. Even more so than seismic testing, right-of-way easements contain a significant element of surface disruption that must be addressed accordingly via a Surface Use Agreement.  Issues such as set-back provisions, pipeline bury depth, indemnification, and compensation for surface damage present opportunities for landowners to preserve surface protections while maintaining a working partnership with the installing company. Landowners should always contact an attorney for any additional information.

Please note, all of the information in this article is not legal advice and is only general information. Please personally consult with an attorney in order to get specific legal advice.