New Update: Cracker Plant In Beaver County

Oct 04, 13 New Update: Cracker Plant In Beaver County

Shell Chemical LP is trying to lock up enough ethane suppliers in order to decide if they should go forward with the proposed plant in Beaver County. Shell Chemical LP has secured some supply commitments from CNX Gas Co. LLC, A subsidiary of Consol Energy Inc, Hilcorp Energy Co, Noble Energy Inc and Seneca Resources Corp. Obtaining additional ethane suppliers is a key factor for Shell to make its final decision. Shell has not said how much ethane it would need to make the plant viable. The main consideration for Shell is whether it is worthwhile to build the cracker plant in Beaver County or to expand existing facilities elsewhere. Shell said that it still has several critical issues to resolve in order to make the final investment decision on whether to proceed. Gov. Corbett is hopeful and said that this is another positive sign that Shell is continuing to move forward with its evaluation of the Beaver County site. We at PAOGR think that the economic benefits and creation of good paying jobs could be a windfall for everyone in the state, if Shell does indeed decide to develop the cracker plant.